Sooooo…..i’m not a website developer.

Let’s just put that out there.

i’m a writer, a traveler, a rock star and a bit of an artist.

But i don’t know jack squat about website development.

i do, however know lots of folks who DO know this stuff, but today i didn’t leave this in their hands. So, when i took what knowledge i have and tried to monkey with the look of the site, you all got bombarded with emails

My bad.

In the spirit of everything happens for a reason – i get to connect with you again today!! i missed you!

In the spirit of everything is a learning opportunity – i now know how to disable the site to work on it then bring it back up again!! (Which i will do late tonight. With a glass of wine. Or two.)

And in the spirit of being spirited – here’s a picture of me as a Homecoming Princess in 1983 with my new boyfriend.


But, i’m a cheerleader!! (That’s another story..)


The boyfriend didn’t last.

But, some would argue, i’m still a princess. Especially when it comes to website management.

And i love you.

Thank you for your patience and again – SO sorry you heard from me 15 times today.


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